On May 11th and 12th, CEFS will bring forth all that it has learned at the

2009 Farm to Fork SUMMIT.

We invite you to join us to be a game changer.

NC State University McKimmon Center,

Raleigh, NC

$35 registration fee, including

a local lunch and evening reception on Monday: seeagenda

all media interested in reporting on the Summit to contact Meg Ryan O’Donnell at 919-755-3804 or meg@wsgroup.biz.

Participants in the day and a half summit will

explore the outcomes of the six regional meetings and Working Issues Teams, provide input about “game changer” and “local tool box” ideas, and help produce a Statewide Action Plan for Building a Local Food Economy.

Areas of focus include:summit-flower32

  • Expanding institutional, retail and food service markets for small and medium-sized farms.
  • Farm-to-School programming
  • Public health and food access disparities
  • Direct markets
  • New and transitioning farmers support
  • Community gardens and farms
  • Land Use & Local Government Initiatives
  • Youth & Social Networking
  • Consumer Outreach & Marketing
  • Processing & Other Physical Infrastructure
  • Formalizing the Initiative: Foundations & Baselines

Summit participants will also meet with other attendees  to develop regional leadership around implementing ideas and action plans for ongoing communication, networking, and initiatives.

for directions: the McKimmon Center: www.mckimmon.ncsu.edu

for lodging: The Holiday Inn Brownstone Hotel is offering an $85.00 per night rate for Farm to Fork Summit participants.  To reserve a room, please contact the hotel at 1-800-331-7919 or  (919) 828-0811 and ask for reservations.  Please indicate that you are a Farm to Fork participant.  The hotel can be viewed at: http://www.brownstonehotel.com.  It is located at 1707 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27605.